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Igor Sklyarov - Glass Harp

Vladimir Perminov - Glass Pan Flute

Vladimir Popras - Verrophone


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Starting point of career to “Crystal Trio” became regular performances on an annual Venetian carnival. Since 2003, ensemble pleased venetians and tourists with the unusual music which so corresponded a magic atmosphere of a carnival.


“Recollecting Venice, we imagine the huge moon, hanging above city, reflection of fires in channels and your unearthly music”, - is written by admirers to “Crystal Trio”. The Venetian concerts have special value also because here, on Murano island, the glass factory making the well-known Venetian glass.


Due to the Venetian performances “Crystal Trio” has attracted attention of concert agencies and musical figures both from Europe and Russia. The following step in career of ensemble was unusual: musicians have taken part in record of an album of a legendary Russian rock group “Aquarium” “Songs of the Fisherman” (2003). They have plays “Crystal” solo for song “The Smoke above Yangtze”. Also “Crystal Harmony” has taken part in concert round in support of an album. Few months later have acted at an anniversary concert of the leader of “Aquarium” – Boris Grebenshchikov in the big concert hall of the Moscow Kremlin. Musicians accompanied the maestro on performance of songs “Golden City” and “Smoke above Yangtze”. Record of a concert was broadcast trough National Russian TV channels.


February 2004 was marked by participation in the authentic presence of a classical opera of M. Glinka “Ruslan and Lyudmila”. The main conductor of the Bolshoi theatre was Alexander Vedernikov. He invited musicians for the performance of the partita written Glinka especially for a glass harmonic. The opera submitted on a stage Bolshoi, has caused the big interest: telling about it, the mass media by all means marked masterly game and singularity of “Crystal Trio” ensemble.


In April 2004 the ensemble has proved participation in the international Musical stock exchange (Switzerland, the city of Tuhn). The musical stock exchange is original “fair”, during which hundred producers and impresarios from all world select ne, talented artists. A high professional level of “Crystal Trio” have estimated at once and on advantage: our musicians have concluded some contracts on caring out of concert rounds across Europe.


2004th became very important in career of ensemble. Thanks to popularity which was received by musicians, the opportunity to proceed from chamber performances to the philharmonic concerts has appeared. In this line participation in traditional summer concerts in Montfort castle on coast of Bodensee lake (Germany) is sign on July 9th “Crystal Trio” has presented on court of exacting European public a concert from two branches.


The success has surpassed the most courageous expectations.

The following step became concert tour across Japan which culmination was a series of concerts in a museum of the Venetian glass. Venetian Glass Museum near Tokyo judges of all refined. Japans have shown big interest to art of the Russian musicians.

In the beginning of 2006th “Crystal Trio” has presented at the international musical forum Midem 2006 (Cannes, France) a product of the musical creativity. For this moment in a portfolio of musicians there were some integral musical programs, work above which went all last year: “Ancient music”, “Romantic music”, and also “P.I. Tchaikovsky’s Seasons”. Musicians of “Crystal Trio” for the first time for all history of music have completely executed the given cycle on glass instruments


Art of Igor Sklyarov, Vladimir Perminov and Vladimir Popras became an example for many young Russian musicians Denis Klopov, Alexander Lemeshev, Ilya Usatjuk. These and many other executors due to success of “CrystalTrio” master today other sides of “glass” music.


“Crystal Trio” ensemble continues to improve the professional skill, at the same time expanding opportunities of participation of “glass” music in various areas of scenic art from concert activity before the dramatized statements.







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