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Domo Emigrantes

ITALIAN Traditional Folk Music Band



















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Filippo Renna


Filippo Renna, percussionist, singer and songwriter, developed a passion for folk music starting at the age of six. He was fascinated by the pressing rhythms of the music found in Salento, his home town. After playing with local folk groups (Terre Neure, Ramasuje), he followed his desire to renew musical traditions, arranging and writing songs which recall the old habits of the country people, known through the memories of his grandparents.

When he moved to Pavia to attend the university, he joined the Terra del Sole folk group with which he has taken part in various international folk festivals.

The harmony with some of the musicians from that group led him to set up a new project, - Domo Emigrantes - with the purpose of spreading folk music by working out traditional songs.


Stefano Torre


Stefano Torre, singer and polyinstrumentalist, inherited from his family the musical traditions of Sicily, his native land, and the passion for world folk music.

Over the years he intensified his study of different folk instruments such as guitar, mandolin, Cretan lute, charango, Sicilian friscalettu, bagpipe and frame drums. Currently he is a teacher of Classic Guitar and of Folk instruments at Musicarte school in Lodi.

In 1998 Stefano started his concert activity, performing in squares and theatres all over Europe, and in 2010 he performed in the various venues in the U.S.A. At present he belongs to various ensembles (Domo Emigrantes, Terra del Sole folk group, Salinas World Music, Khaossia) and cooperates with many musicians on folk music projects.


Luca Consolandi


Luca Consolandi, accordionist, organist and composer from Lodi, began focusing on accordion and contributed to the foundation of the Terra del Sole folk group. He has played in various instrumental ensembles, performing many different kinds of music (from Gregorian chant to hard rock, to classical and folk music) and he has performed in a number of concerts and international folk festivals. He recorded an album with the Festin'Burg rock group, writing all the lyrics, music and arrangements. The passion and experience in the field of
popular music led him to join Domo Emigrantes and the Young Mediterranean Ensemble, which combines the ethnic traditions with a modern musical language.



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