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About Us


In 1993 the company Golden Gates was created in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Drawing upon students from the Author’s Aesthetic Music Secondary School, these children became the first members of the group, and they began performing at various cultural events, folk festivals and concerts throughout Russia and Europe.


The group's name is symbolic. Through the Traditional Russian songs we are open our hearts and souls, knowledge of our source as gold.

Since 1993 the "Golden Gates" group took a part of many different cultural events, folk festivals and concerts in Russia as well as across Europe and North America.

Awards from many competitions to "Golden Gates" recognize the children's group as the one of the most talented, exceptional and traditional ambassadors of the Russian folk culture by children and youth.

At present time ages of the children very from 5 to 16 years old. Marina Tourlygina is director of the group.

Concert program includes songs, instrumentals, dances, rituals, folk stores and games with elements or moving and dance that has been carefully researched and recreated in performance



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