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Bayan - Accordion

Balalaika - Prima

Balalaika - Contrabass








Traditional variation for Balalaika



Georgian Dance


Song form South of Russia.

Don Kassaks



Hlopushki - Traditional Dance on the Chair




Ilya Yefimovich Repin's painting Burlaks on the Volga


The Song of the Volga Boatmen is a well-known traditional Russian song collected by Mily Balakirev, and published in his book of folk songs. It is a genuine barge-haulers' shanty. Balakirev published it with only one verse (the first). The other two verses were added at a later date. The song, also called The Volga Burlak's Song, was inspired by Repin's famous painting, Burlaks on the Volga, depicting the suffering of the people in the depth of misery in Czarist Russia. It has been adapted into the club song of the Fremantle Football Club, called Freo Way to Go.

The song was popularised by Feodor Chaliapin, and has been a favourite concert piece of bass singers ever since. Glenn Miller took the song to #1 in the US charts in 1941.



Russian Character Dance - Winter


Song about Motherland "Russia"


Russian Country Dance


Greeting Song


Originaly Song is from South of Russia.

About Russian Cossaks.


Kalinka - The most famous Russian Song


Performed by 6 years old member of Golden Gates



Russian Character Choreography



Oi Kalina









Russian Dance "Vorotza"



Dance with Audience

USA Tour 2008

Springfield, OH



Audience Participation with Russian Folk Song "Oi Vasia"


Traditional Russian Folk Variations with Audience Pariticipation





Traditional Russian Cossack Song












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