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CD1 - From Russia with Love

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CD - Valentin Zavirioukha - Bayan

(Russian Accordion)


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Valentin Zaviriukha


Valia with Bayan


Valentin Zaviryukha


CD - $15

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1 V. Zubitsky - Ommaggio ad Piazzolla
2 V. Tchernikov - Improvization on the theme of B. Mokrousov
3 V. Vlasov - Let's Swing
4 V Vlasov - Old Mercedes
5 V. Vlasov - Basso Ostinato
6 A. Piazzolla, M. Feijoo - Tango Please
7 V. Novikov - Valts on the theme of M. Blanter's song In the City
8 V. Zubitsky - The Carpathian Suite - II part
9 V. Zubitsky - The Carpathian Suite, Final. The State Russian Fol
10 Yu. Aleskerov - Variations on the Russian folk song Varenichki -
11 V. Gridin - Rassypukha. The State Russian Folk Orchestra Metelit


*Bayan, Ensemble, Orchestra




Valentin Zaviriukha - (Bayan) was born in Ukraine and began to study the accordion under the direction of his father. At the young age of seven, Valentin gave his first public solo concert. Specializing in accordion, he graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatory in 1990 (Professor Govorushko), followed by post-graduate work. Winner of many international competitions and the prestigious “Grand Prix of the International Competition” in 1994, Mr. Zaviriukha currently teaches Bayan at the St. Petersburg Conservatory.


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